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Sara K Dunn


I'm currently based in the Burren, Ireland in pursuit of an MFA in Art and Ecology from the Burren College of Art.

I’m a multimedia artist, budding ecologist, and informal historical researcher. My artworks flow from within, taking the viewer on a journey into my subconscious and elaborate inner world bathed in cool greens. I gather inspiration from deep within myself and the world around me through a contemporary and historical lens, resulting in work that is both wistful and aware of our current reality.


My recent focus has been on our infinitely varied ecological world in tandem with my queer, neurodivergent, and feminine identities. In doing various modes of research, I have found parallels between our human selves and our world. My newfound insight combined with previous knowledge results in intricate world-building artworks. These new creations give fresh access to my perception of reality and imagined possibilities through an ever-evolving mix of verdant mediums.


My lush visual language is a way for others to see how wondrous and interconnected our world is to its inhabitants. I create emotionally charged drawings and immersive environments where viewers come away with both the comfort that they are not alone in this world, and with a glimmer of hope in what potential futures can hold.

Curriculum Vitae


2023-2025  MFA Candidate in Art and Ecology

                    at Burren College of Art, Ireland

2019          URI Cooperative Extension Master Gardener Program

 at University of Rhode Island, South Kingston, RI, USA

2013-2017   BFA with Honors in Illustration

                    at Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, USA

Scholarships & Awards

2016 - Edna Lawrence Scholarship at RISD



Paddenstolen - In Kunst, Cultuur, and Natuur  

by Antoon Kuhlmann and Dominique Clement

Hortus Nijmegen Botanical Center, Nijmegen, Netherlands

Published February 2022

CARGO Comic Anthology

AWE Comics, Providence, RI, USA

            Issue No. 2 - 2020

            Issue No. 1 -2018


Thin Noon Literary Journal

Brown University, Providence, RI, USA

       Issue No. 3 - 2017

       Issue No. 2 -2016

       Issue No. 1 -2015


Magik Press, New London, CT, USA

       FREAKLORE Zine - 2023


2023 - Wedding Cake House Residency: March Cohort

                Wedding Cake House, Providence, RI, USA

2012 - Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Residency

                Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

Exhibitions and collections

2023 - Fairy Garden Days: Featured Artist

                Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, Cranston, RI, USA

2023 - Springtime Iridescent Pond: Window Display Artist

                Campus Fine Wines in Fox Point, Providence, RI, USA

2023 - Demystifying Process: A PVDPrintmakers Exhibition

                Waterfire Arts Center, Providence, RI, USA

2023 - My Buddy Dorothy Group Show

                Sonny's House, Portland, OR, USA

2021-22 - Imagined Plants: Giving Plastic Packaging Another Life

               Edna Lawrence Nature Lab at RISD, Providence, RI, USA

2022 - Homage: Group Show

               On the Fringe, NYC. Tribeca, NY, USA

2021 - Vacant Museum: Lost & Found

               Global Online Art Gallery:

2021 - The Queer Art Collective: Petrichor

               The QAC, The Armory, Pawtucket, RI, USA

2021 - Bloom Collective: Window Display Artist

               Bloom Collective at The West End, Providence, RI, USA

2021 - The Queer Art Collective: Opening Exhibition

               The QAC, The Armory, Pawtucket, RI, USA

2020 - Bloom Collective: Vendor and Window Display Artist

               Pop-Up Shop, Providence, RI, USA

2020 - Prints for Protest Edition

               Philadelphia, PA, USA

2019 - Miami Art Week: Satellite Art Show

               Wynwood, Miami, FL, USA

2019 - Prints for Protest Edition

               New York City, NY, USA

2019 - Salon De Thé

               Studio 1608, West Palm Beach, FL, USA

2019 - The Threshold

               Studio 1608, West Palm Beach, FL USA

2018 - Miami Art Week: Satellite Art Show

               Satellite Gallery, Miami, FL, USA

2018 - Paris Plus Friends: Week Three

               Pop-Up Gallery, Providence, RI, USA

2017 -  Time. Space. Place. Global Thoughts & Practices

               Woods-Gerry Gallery at RISD, Providence, RI, USA​

2017 -  Classically Trained, a Senior Show

               RISD Illustration Gallery Space, Providence, RI, USA

2017 - Illustration Senior Show  

               Woods-Gerry Gallery at RISD, Providence, RI, USA​

2017 - Investigating Myths and Legends of the Burren                                      The Burren College of Art, The Burren, Ireland​


Currently open to commissions

feel free to inquire about art pieces

For children's book inquires contact:

Studio Goodwin Sturges


photo credit: Rena Rong

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