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Political illustration

Right to Return to Palestine poster.jpg

Right of Return - 2023 

The ancestral olive branches reach out to their people, beckoning them to their homeland. No more walls, no more control, no more bombs, no more writing names on their arms to be identified in the rubble. No more dehumanization, no more media spinning lies, no more denials of basic needs, no more debate over their worthiness of life. May the Palestinian people be free among their ancestral olive groves.

They have the right to return home. 

Reproductive Rights are Human Rights Illustration.jpg

Reproductive Rights are Human Rights - 2022

This illustration is a response to the Roe. v Wade overturning in 2022, when it opened the doors for repealing of reproductive rights across the country. This ruling affects anyone with a womb, regardless of gender identity. I hoped to emphasize this more-than-womanly trouble among many conversations that frame it as a female-only issue. 

Trespassing in the garden.jpg

No Entry without Invitation - 2022

This illustration is another, more personal perspective on the Roe. V Wade overturning in the USA. With anti-abortion laws being decided state by state, more womb-bearers are having their bodies and futures controlled by the government at alarming rates. Where is the personal agency, the right to ones bodily autonomy?

Narcissius among flames.jpg

Narcissus Amongst the Flames - 2022

Created in a time of unprecedented forest fires, this piece means to drive attention to how people choose to ignore the climate disasters that are increasing in preference of admiring their own, curated world. To choose to ignore it while still seeing disasters occurring in the background is willful ignorance.

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